Golden State Mutual Life Insurance Company
Estate Manager: Scott Pearce
Email Address: PearceS@caclo.org
Telephone Number: (415) 676-5013
Conservation Date: 09/30/2009
Liquidation Date: 01/28/2011
POC Final Filing Date: 12/31/2013
Closure Date: 10/17/2016
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Golden State Mutual Life Insurance Company Rehabilitation Plan

The Insurance Commissioner of the State of California as Conservator ("Conservator") of Golden State Mutual Life Insurance Company ("Golden State Mutual") has entered into a comprehensive rehabilitation plan and agreements with IA American Life Insurance Company ("IA American"), subject to court approval, which will preserve and maintain the value, continuous coverage and contractual benefits for the holders of in-force life, health and disability insurance policies and annuity contracts issued by Golden State Mutual.

The rehabilitation plan and the agreements forming the plan are collectively referred to as "Rehabilitation Plan." The Rehabilitation Plan and agreements forming the plan provide that holders of Golden State Mutual's in-force life, health and disability policies and annuity contracts will become policy and annuity contract holders of IA American under an express assumption of their policies and annuity contracts as modified by an Assumption Endorsement. As a result of this assumption, all claims for contractual life, health and disability insurance policy and annuity contract benefits will be deemed satisfied by the assumption and IA American will be solely responsible to pay all claims on the policies and contracts.

The Rehabilitation Plan, the Conservator's Application to the Los Angeles Superior Court for an order approving the plan, declarations supporting the Conservator's Application, and the agreements forming the Rehabilitation Plan are identified below. By clicking on the below documents, you will be directed to the documents.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

  1. Conservator's Application for Approval of Rehabilitation Plan
  2. Proposed Order Approving Rehabilitation Plan
  3. Declaration of David E. Wilson
  4. Declaration of Joseph B. Holloway, Jr.
  5. Declaration of Patrik Guindon
  6. Declaration of Todd Donovan
  7. Declaration of Sheralin Carver
  8. Declaration of Michael R. Weiss
  9. Exhibit 1 GSM Conservation Order Dated 09-30-09
  10. Exhibit 2 GSM Balance Sheet
  11. Exhibit 3 GSM-IA Rehabilitation Agreement
  12. Exhibit 4 GSM-IA Assumption Reinsurance Agreement
  13. Exhibit 5 GSM-IA Service Agreement
  14. Exhibit 6 GSM-IA Novation Agreement
  15. Exhibit 7 GSM Court Order Dated 05-12-10
  16. Exhibit 8 GSM Notice of Order to Show Cause
  17. Conservator's Reply in support of Rehabilitation Plan
  18. Exhibit 9 Response Letters
  19. Exhibit 10 Group Life Insurance Policy
  20. Exhibit 11 Group Long Term Disability Policy
  21. Exhibit 12 Dental Insurance Policy
  22. Order Approving Rehabilitation Plan
  23. Art Collection And Request For Proposal

If you have any questions, please continue to call Golden State at 1-800-CALL-GSM, Ext 4. We also encourage you to periodically check this website for updates.