Signal Insurance Company
Estate Manager: Rommel Adao
Email Address: AdaoR@caclo.org
Telephone Number: (415) 676-5037
Conservation Date: 09/23/1975
Liquidation Date: 01/10/1978
POC Final Filing Date: 07/21/1978
Closure Date: 02/04/2005
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November 27, 2002 - the Insurance Commissioner distributed $4.9 million to 109 former Signal Insurance Company policyholders. Signal Insurance Company was placed into conservation in 1975 and was deemed to be insolvent and placed into liquidation in 1978.

The Conservation and Liquidation Office anticipates receiving additional funds as a distribution from the estate of an insolvent reinsurer. When these funds are received a further distribution will be made to creditors, although it is anticipated that the amount to be distributed will not be material.

If distribution to an individual policyholder is less than $2, a check will not be issued.