Signal Insurance Company
Estate Manager: Rommel Adao
Email Address: AdaoR@caclo.org
Telephone Number: (415) 676-5037
Conservation Date: 09/23/1975
Liquidation Date: 01/10/1978
POC Final Filing Date: 07/21/1978
Closure Date: 02/04/2005
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Pursuant to the July 7, 2004 Superior Court Order (1) Settling and Approving Final Report and Account of Liquidator (2) Authorizing Disbursements of Funds (3) Approving Payment of Expenses (4) Terminating Proceedings and Discharging the Liquidator. The Commissioner has completed the final distribution of funds and filed a Declaration of Compliance on February 4, 2005.

The Commissioner has been discharged as liquidator and this Estate is now Closed.