CLO Governance
Our Mission
The CLO, on behalf of the Insurance Commissioner, rehabilitates and/or liquidates, under Court supervision, troubled insurance enterprises domiciled in the State of California. In addition the CLO provides Special Examination Services, with Commissioner and Board oversight. As a fiduciary for the benefit of all claimants, the CLO handles the property of troubled or failed enterprises in a prudent, cost-effective, fair, timely, and expeditious manner.
Our Vision
The CLO will be the leading provider of Regulatory Services (including Conservation, Rehabilitation and Special Examination services) to Insurance Regulators, by maintaining high standards of employee excellence, industry experience and cost effective operations.
Our Values
  • We require all organizational action to comply with federal, state, and local laws.
  • We always evaluate the risk/reward of opportunities and threats and do the right thing.
  • As we lead ourselves to our vision, we will honor actions that display courage, teamwork, discretion, creativity, openness, and continued learning.
  • We will not tolerate dishonesty, insubordination, or abuse of any kind.
Our Charter

Recognizing we must change to reach our vision, we charter each member of our organization to:

  • Evaluate themselves and commit to personal and professional growth;
  • Acknowledge mistakes, own their fears, learn and move on;
  • Set measurable goals, share and attain them;
  • Accept criticism as an opportunity to grow;
  • Aggressively seek information and resources needed for success;
  • Decipher information clearly, concisely, timely, and confirm understanding;
  • Share feelings in an appropriate manner;
  • Insure that all who need to know receive the information;
  • Always nurture and empower each other to be successful;
  • Use intuition as a tool; and
  • Never assume.
Our Governance
Our Annual Reports