Pacific National Insurance Company
Estate Manager: Scott Pearce
Email Address: AdaoR@caclo.org
Telephone Number: (415) 676-5037
Conservation Date: 05/14/2003
Liquidation Date: 08/05/2003
POC Final Filing Date: 07/30/2004
Closure Date: 04/21/2015
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August 5, 2003 - California Insurance Commissioner John Garamendi was appointed as liquidator of the insolvent Pacific National Insurance Company ("Pacific National") on August 5, 2003, pursuant to California Insurance Code §1016, by the Orange County Superior Court. The Commissioner had been appointed as conservator of Pacific National on May 14, 2003. Prior to conservation, Pacific National, a California domiciled insurer, merged with its former subsidiary, Pacific Automobile Insurance Company ("Pacific Automobile"), also a California domiciled insurance company. The prior conservation order and the liquidation order cover all policies and activities of both Pacific National and Pacific Automobile.

The Commissioner's Conservation & Liquidation Office will oversee the liquidation of the company. Pursuant to the Superior Court's liquidation order, all claims against Pacific National must be filed with the CLO by July 30, 2004, (the "Claims Bar Date"). Claims must include proper proof thereof; in accordance with the provisions of Insurance Code §1023, any claim not filed by the Claims Bar Date is conclusively deemed forever waived.

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