American Star Insurance Company
Seizure Date: 11/17/1992
Conservation Date: 12/03/1992
Liquidation Date: 12/03/1992
Closure Date: 12/12/2003

American Star Insurance Company is domiciled in Wisconsin. It was a Property and Casualty company that wrote business in four states with most of its business being written in California.

American Star was put into liquidation in Wisconsin on November 16, 1992. California was appointed ancillary liquidator by the Receivership Court on December 3, 1992 primarily to provide California Insurance Guarantee Association access to California claimants.

This estate was reopened in January 2002 to accommodate a Proposition 103 distribution from Wisconsin. The final distribution of funds from the estate was made to all qualifying California policyholders in April 2003. All funds returned as undeliverable, were escheated to the California State Controller's Office. The estate was subsequently closed on December 12, 2003.