Western Employers Ins. Co. of America
Conservation Date: 04/25/1991
Liquidation Date: 05/07/1991
POC Final Filing Date: 11/15/1991
Closure Date: 12/29/2009
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Western Employers Insurance Company (WEIC) was a New York-domiciled insurer known as Letherby Insurance Company and was re-domesticated to California in the late 1970's. The company was licensed in 38 states and wrote primarily Workers' Compensation and Multi-Peril insurance. After four years of being in run-off liquidation, WEIC determined it could no longer continue the run-off without the assistance of the California Department of Insurance.

Western Employers Insurance Company of America (WEICA) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of WEIC. WEICA was licensed in eight states, with its principal place of business located in Fullerton, California. The company wrote only Workers' Compensation insurance. WEICA was included in WEIC's run-off process. The "Claims Bar Date" or the final date to submit a claim against the WEICA estate was November 15, 1991.

The WEICA estate completed its final distribution on December 28, 2009. On December 29, 2009, the California Insurance Commissioner was discharged as Liquidator concurrent with the filing of the Declaration of Compliance.