Surety Insurance Co of California
Estate Manager: Scott Pearce
Email Address: PearceS@caclo.org
Telephone Number: (415) 676-5013
Seizure Date: 05/07/1984
Conservation Date: 05/23/1984
Liquidation Date: 08/20/1984
POC Final Filing Date: 03/05/1985
Closure Date: 01/08/2004
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Surety Insurance Company of California was domiciled in California as a domestic stock company and wrote various lines of insurance in sixteen states. The process of marshalling Surety Insurance assets, many of which were outside of California, and adjudication process of the bail and civil bond claims were completed.

The Commissioner resolved outstanding claims issues and completed the final distribution in March of 2003. The Commissioner filed a Declaration of compliance closing the proceedings on January 7, 2004.