Legion Insurance Company
Telephone Number: (215) 979-7879
Conservation Date: 05/03/2002
Liquidation Date: 04/25/2003
Closure Date: 02/19/2004
Website: http://www.legioninsurance.com
Affiliate Companies:
Villanova Insurance Company
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April 25, 2003, Los Angeles - Bringing relief to more than 11,000 Californians with pending claims, California Insurance Commissioner John Garamendi sought and received an order of liquidation for the California business of Legion and Villanova Insurance Companies today.

The order, issued in California Superior Court in Los Angeles ends a yearlong legal struggle to get claims paid for California consumers holding Legion policies. Legion and Villanova are headquartered in Pennsylvania and were placed in rehabilitation by Pennsylvania regulators more than a year ago. A Pennsylvania judge has delayed three times issuing a liquidation order that would activate all guarantee associations providing payment on covered claims.

"No consumer should have to wait this long for claims payment," said Garamendi. "The Pennsylvania judge's repeated delays in issuing a liquidation order have caused financial and emotional problems for thousands of California consumers who faithfully paid their premiums expecting in return the insurance protection for which they paid. Our separate order of liquidation was necessary to protect our own consumers."

Legion and Villanova conducted the majority of its business in California but did business in other states as well. The company wrote primarily private passenger auto liability and workers' compensation insurance. Legion and Villanova were placed into rehabilitation by the Pennsylvania Insurance Department on April 1, 2002. That rehabilitation continues. During the California liquidation of Legion and Villanova, all California covered claims will be paid by the California Insurance Guarantee Association (CIGA). Anyone with questions about CIGA coverage may contact CIGA at (818) 844-4300 or the California Department of Insurance Consumer Hotline at (800) 927-HELP (4357).

The Pennsylvania Insurance Department is the domiciliary receiver of Legion and Villanova in rehabilitation and claims - related questions, other than CIGA covered claims, should be referred to Legion and Villanova offices at One Logan Square, Philadelphia, PA 19102; (215) 979-7879; rehabilitator@legioninsurance.com.

If you have questions about claim payments, please call (415) 436-0871 and listen to the recording that describes the steps to follow.

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